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Melamine - Process

Melamine is produced from direct synthesis of urea. The overall reaction is as follows: six moles of urea are required to produce one mole of melamine, while six moles of ammonia and three of carbon dioxide are released as reaction co-products.


The Eurotecnica High Pressure Melamine Process

Eurotecnica Melamine Process is a unique one: product quality, safety, reliability and eco-friendship are its distinctive marks.

Originally introduced in the 1960’, this peculiar High Pressure Non Catalytic process was ahead of its times and very innovative.

The first plant designed and implemented by Eurotecnica was one built in Kuwait   in the 1970’s. While this initial plant was quite different from how Eurotecnica’s plants are designed nowadays, it became the state-of-the-art, like each and every new plant we have designed and implemented from then on.

As owner of this remarkable technology, we have been injecting capital and human resources across the years to propel a technology development with no equal in the melamine industry. Intrinsically eco-friendly, the Eurotecnica Melamine Process has progressed in two main directions:  (1) energy saving and (2) increased reactor size.  

Some unique features make the Eurotecnica Melamine Process so widespread:

  • Single-stage, liquid-phase, non-catalytic reaction

The reactor is as simple, flexible and reliable as a heat exchanger. There are no compressors to operate and maintain, no fluidized beds to be taken care of and no catalyst to be procured, managed and disposed.

  • Efficient and eco-friendly purification section

The melamine separation and purification is based on intrinsic properties of the products coming out from the reactor. No chemicals for purifying the melamine are added, so there are no salts in the effluents requiring disposal, thus there are no related treatment costs.

  • Zero discharge, total recovery of products and co-products

The reaction side-products are converted into melamine or decomposed to ammonia and carbon dioxide; these are then recycled within the off gases to the upstream urea plant. Water is efficiently treated inside the Eurotecnica Melamine Process so to be recycled within the process itself or to be used as cooling water make-up. Not a single kilogram of valuable product is ever wasted. No solids, no liquid, no gaseous pollutants are released to the environment.

  • Top quality melamine

Unlike other melamine processes (which are affected by troublesome purification techniques or by catalyst poisoning) Eurotecnica Melamine Process is a lot easier to operate and much more robust.

As a result, Eurotecnica melamine plants produce only top quality, crystal clear melamine, right from the first kilogram.

  • High safety, reliability and operability

Thanks to our proven design and to the absence of sophisticated machinery working at very critical conditions (such as pumps operating at extremely high pressure and temperature handling highly corrosive fluids) Eurotecnica melamine plants are very safe and reliable.

Operability is a feature that puts Eurotecnica Melamine Process apart from the rest and that makes this technology the most widespread in the world.
Every single aspect of the plant has been thoroughly considered from the point of view of the operator.
The plant start up is as smooth as feeding the urea feedstock to the reactor.
Quality is per specification right from the first kilogram.
No risk of pipe or valves clogging is contemplated as the process is entirely in liquid phase.
New record operating time between turn-arounds has been set up to 850 days.