Euromel® is the melamine produced at plants licensed, designed and implemented by Eurotecnica Group only. Several million tonnes of Euromel® melamine cumulatively produced to-date is the sign of its superior quality.
Eurotecnica Group’s licensees and producers typically sell Euromel® melamine US$100 above the conventional melamine per-ton-price. Not just because Euromel® melamine is distributed all over the world and very well known within the final users (our customers’ customers) but most importantly because of the fact that Euromel® melamine is a top quality melamine. As such, Euromel® is able to grant the three features that any final user desires: purity, consistency and reliability.
Purity is a must, especially when melamine goes in the manufacturing of laminates, an industry characterized by high capital intensity.
Purity is broadly identified by melamine minimum content and APHA index (an index indicating colour and transparency of the melamine resin, the lower the better). Euromel® always features a melamine content above 99.8% wt. and APHA lower than 20.
Consistency ensures higher incomes to the melamine producers as well as greater efficiency in the manufacturing processes of the end-users. 
Production reliability results in stable economical performance for the melamine producers and better production planning for the end-users.