Melamine is a 2 million MTPY market, it expands and covers a wide spectrum of growing applications.

Across the past 20 years, the world yearly demand for melamine has grown at a rate of 5.5% on average, showing an upward trend confirmed by analysts in their 20-year span forecasts.
A global growth rate of approximately 5% can be considered as a prudent prediction, because some regions such as India and the Middle East show a double-digit growth rate.
Also, the melamine industry is experiencing a thorough transformation.
In the past, the melamine market was highly concentrated and the relevant production facilities located nearby the main end-users, largely in Western Europe.
Nowadays the trend is to locate the melamine plants where low feedstock costs, proximity to the markets and presence of qualified technical staff are available.
Western Europe, US, Japan host obsolete and polluting melamine plants, no longer welcome by the local communities that push for their closures.

Environmental non-compliance, the main cause for the plants shutdown, will bring other closures in the next five to seven years.