2017 - Eurotecnica awarded a contract for a gas-processing unit

Eurotecnica, Italy, the world leading technology provider for melamine, carbon black and methanol derivatives production units, has been engaged by De Novo Energy (Trinidad) Ltd. for the implementation of a contract relevant to a new gas-processing unit at Point Lisas facilities.
Eurotecnica scope of work includes Engineering, Procurement and Technical Assistence.


Just a few months after the successful commissioning of a new melamine plant based on Eurotecnica’s newest 4th generation Euromel®
Melamine Process, Xinjiang Xinlianxin Energy Chemical Co.Ltd. has once again selected the most reliable, efficient and friendly-to-environment melamine technology in the world. 

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2016 - The world's largest single train high-pressure melamine plant into successful operation at Henan XLX Fertiliser Ltd. premises in Xinjiang.

In one of the most challenging areas in China characterized by extreme climatic condition, a large melamine plant - based on Eurotecnica’s newest 4th generation of the notable Euromel® Melamine Process - has been successfully commissioned on Sept. 1st 2016.

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