2016 - Xinjiang Jiacheng 80,000 tons of melamine project put into operation at company’s premises in Xinjiang.

Product branding & networking, solid technology innovation and thorough after sales services are distinctive elements of Eurotecnica’s strategy in the melamine industry, where unity is strength.


The awareness of being the focal point of a global melamine network sharing common values such as product purity, consistency and reliability has suggested Eurotecnica Group to create a trademark, Euromel®,  that formally identifies the distinctive marks of quality product and excellent service to the melamine end-users.


Euromel® is the trademark of melamine produced at plants licensed by Eurotecnica Group, the leading melamine technology provider since 1978 and is the sign of superior melamine quality as witnessed by licensees the likes of Qatar QAFCO, Methanol Holding Trinidad, Grupa Azoty ZAP, Petrochina and several others. 


Euromel® brand is registered in 48 countries representing 85% of the melamine world’s consumption.