Concentrating Solar Power plants (CSP) are innovative systems to produce electric energy from green and renewable sources. They use parabolic devices to concentrate the sunlight into a small area, for heating up a transfer fluid, which massively flows into boilers for producing steam. Steam turbines then drive the power block to generate electricity.
While daylight peak hours are naturally covered by a straight CSP, normally Electric Companies also seeks to dispatch green electricity also during the other peak hours of the day (typically occurring during the first evening hours when sun is not available).
An efficient way to generate and provide electricity during the evening hours is to harvest the sun energy during daylight, transfer it to molten salts and store them into large tanks for later use.
These molten salts have the property to absorb and store the heat energy that is used at evening to produce steam and keep driving the power block.
These peculiar storage systems are called Thermal Energy Storage, or TES.
The massive experience in the design, implementation, construction and start-up of molten salts and thermal oils systems used in the chemical and petrochemical complexes, contributed to Eurotecnica’s rapid establishment as leading company in the design and implementation of the TES, based on proprietary ET Sun Energy™ technology.
Furthermore, the extraordinary performance of the Spanish Andasol-3 TES system has set a new standard for safety and reliability in a promising industry.