There are no recent environmental regulations worldwide on melamine industry that allows the discharge of any liquid and solid pollutants into the environment.
In the Euromel® melamine process melamine purification is performed by using ammonia only, a feedstock naturally available in - and fully recyclable to - any fertilizer complex.
Not being dependent on costly add-on chemicals or catalysts for reaction and purification, Euromel® melamine technology provides the priceless advantage of avoiding the generation and the inevitable disposal to battery limits of liquid and solid polluting effluents. This characteristic makes of Euromel® the only melamine technology featuring Total-Zero-Pollution.
Renowned chemical fertilizer groups have been selecting Euromel® melamine process not only because of the specific expertise of Eurotecnica in the melamine industry but also for the total-zero-pollution feature.

 “…the [Euromel®] process completely recovers all the products and thus causes zero discharge. It means no raw materials are wasted and no solid, liquid and gaseous products are released into the environment. ”  

                                                (Qatar QAFCO Sustainability Report)