Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical are sectors where Eurotecnica has been active since the company’s foundation.
The ability to design and implement units with innovative solutions have attracted the attention of companies the likes of Honeywell UOP LLC, which later selected Eurotecnica as preferred contractor for a number of units based on their own technologies ranging from CCR Reforming, to Benzene-Toluene- Xylene, Hydrotreating and N-paraffins extraction.
At present, the Eurotecnica’s proprietary technologies are contributing to the implementation of a GPU (gas processing unit) at DeNovo Energy Ltd. facility in Trinidad and Tobago. GPU is a complex industrial technique, used to separate components from raw natural gas for different downstream processes. The composition of the natural gas extracted from the wells depends on the type, depth, and location of the reservoir, and the geology of the area. As natural gas can be used as feedstock for different processes, including liquefaction or fuel, its treatment is required in order to remove impurities and water.
DeNovo Energy Ltd., a company incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago, was created with the vision of an independent upstream company for monetising stranded natural gas reserves for the benefit of the country.