Across a 50 years journey as process engineering contractors and technologies providers, we have been implementing more than 130 projects worldwide, bringing knowledge to industrial communities around the globe, contributing to create several qualified jobs and local specific expertise in the chemical field.
This wouldn’t have been possible without a solid ethical vision and sound principles, values and responsibilities.
These principles guide our conduct in the relationships with the communities where we work, the people whom we work with, our employees and our shareholders.

Our core values ​​strengthen the unity and help promote efficient growth.


    • Operate in good faith with honesty and fairness;
    • Stipulate clearly and fairly the contracts with our counterparts;
    • Maintain our reputation by respecting the commitments taken;
    • Carry out our activities with dedication and professionalism;
    • Help our colleague grow, by sharing ideas and experiences with her/him;
    • Work in communion to achieve our goals;
    • Represent our Company decently in front of all the parties whom we deal with;
    • Follow the Company’s policies and procedures;
    • Honour the confidentiality of either Company’s and personal information;
    • Respect our duties in the HSE fields at all levels;
    • Keep in mind the consequences of our actions on others;
    • Respect genders, religions, traditions of all the parties whom we deal with;
    • Contribute to the social and economic development of the countries where we operate, respecting the local communities and environment.

In Eurotecnica, it is mandatory that every employee acts in accordance with the Code of Ethics. We all need to understand that any violation of values ​​can have detrimental consequences and can affect the good reputation of the company.