Muscat, Oman, October 2023 - It was great to participate at last week’s 35th AFA International Technical Conference and Exhibition, hosted by the Arab Fertilizer Association in Oman. Our team had the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, manufacturers, equipment and technology suppliers, as well as R&D professionals, making this conference a significant platform for collaboration and innovation in the fertilizer industry.

We highlighted our G5 Euromel® Melamine Technology, the leading and most advanced technology for the production of high-quality melamine used in wood-based products, laminates, moulding compounds and fire-extinguishing foams over the last 40 years. Euromel Melamine Process, now used in 29 plants across 4 continents, accounting for 1.3 million tonnes of melamine per year in licensed nameplate capacity, is easy to integrate within upstream urea plants with the water-free high-pressure off-gas feature.

Visit www.euromel.com for more information.